Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning

to Enhance Student Learning Experience

in Eastern Partnership Countries

Expected Results

The following major outcomes & outputs are expected to attain by the end of the Project:

  • About 30 staff & 100 trainers of TSDCs will be trained on innovative T&L methods and ICT-based interactive & e-learning technologies.
  • 28 technology-enhanced teacher training (TeT) classrooms, 9 multimedia content building studios, other e-learning facilities and 5 new TeT courses will be set up in the TSDCs.
  • The Project places a strong emphasis on capacity building of a wide cohort of teaching staff by utilizing a multiplier effect via “train the trainer” initiative. The trained trainers will adapt and deliver newly developed TeT courses to over 500 university teachers in their respective HEIs.
  • The project will provide HE communities of the PCs with an interactive professional communication, mutual learning and virtual mobility platform and OERs - the VATL - to promote innovative T&L practices and continuous development of the teaching staff.
  • As a result of the Project implementation 6 virtual communities of teaching practice around particular teaching approaches and disciplinary groups, an annual virtual forum on innovative T&L, as well as internal institutional incentives will be established to promote awareness on innovative pedagogy and excellence in T&L.