Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning

to Enhance Student Learning Experience

in Eastern Partnership Countries

Planned Activities

In order to achieve the Project’s short term specific objectives and long term global goals the following main activities are planned to carry-out within the project lifetime (November 2017 to November 2020):


WP.1 (PRP): Strengthening TSDCs in PC HEIs

1.1. Study of European best practice experience

1.2. Conducting local need analysis

1.3. Development of operational plans for TSDCs

1.4. Capacity building of TSDCs’ staff

1.5. Capacity building of TSDCs’ trainers

1.6. Establishment of electronic T&L infrastructure


WP.2 (DEV): Capacity building of teaching staff

2.1. Organization of in-house teacher training (TT) courses

2.2. Organization of workshop to fine-tune TT courses

2.3. Adoption of TT courses at TSDCs

2.4. Piloting innovative T&L methods in PC HEIs curricula

2.5. Evaluation of students’ feedback and follow-up


WP.3 (DEV): Creating Virtual Academy of T&L (VATL)

3.1. Defining functionalities and design of conceptual model for VATL portal

3.2. Development and testing of ICT solutions/software for VATL

3.3. Acquisition of software, hardware and studios for VATL support at PC HEIs

3.4. Development of procedures and guidelines for publishing OER content

3.5. Training of TSDC’s trainers on preparation of OER materials

3.6. Operationalization of VATL


WP.4 (DEV): Raising Awareness on Innovative T&L

4.1. Creation of virtual communities of teaching practice

4.2. Establishment of VATL forum on innovative T&L

4.3. Creation of VATL’s social networking services

4.4. Adoption of incentive policies and award programs for innovative T&L at PC HEIs


WP.5 (QPLN): Quality Control and Monitoring (QC&M)

5.1. Establishment of project QC&M bodies

5.2. Internal monitoring and evaluation of project activities

5.3. Evaluation of project WPs’ quality

5.4. Annual external quality control activities


WP.6 (DISS): Dissemination and Exploitation

6.1. Creation and maintenance of project website

6.2. Publication and dissemination of information materials and teacher handbook

6.3. Organization of press conferences and interviews

6.4. Organisation of workshops and information seminars

6.5. Organization of interim and final dissemination conferences


WP.7 (MNGT): Management

7.1. Establishment of project management bodies

7.2. Organization of the kick-off and 6 coordination meetings

7.3. Overall project management and administration

7.4. External financial audit